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 Liposomes are absorbed through the oral mucosal lining and through lymphatic mechanisms in the gut, bypassing first pass metabolism and breakdown in the liver ensuring the retention of liposome integrity. A synthesis takes place which allows vitamins, minerals or micronutrients to be transported more easily. This higher absorption, means greater efficacy and with smaller doses needed to achieve better results.  

Phospholipids, which are found throughout the body in the membranes of body cells, are so naturally-occurring, that the body recognizes these as body-compatible and does not treat them as ‘toxic’ or ‘foreign’—and, so, does not mount an immune attack on the liposome. 

Liposomes shield nutrients from detection by the body’s immune system, mimicking biological membranes and giving the active ingredients more time to reach their intended destination.

Phospholipids mask the active ingredients so that larger amounts can be absorbed and escape the selective function of the small intestine. Osmotic side effects of some high-dose vitamins and minerals can thus be reduced.   

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Daniel T.

I love Tru Focus, I have used 200mg phenylpiracetam a day alone and I find that is the best for me, however. Tru Focus works as well and I can take just 1 pill a day given all the other ingredients, it also keeps me alert, focused, no headaches or neck pain, it just makes my whole day better. 

Tracey P.

Absolutely love this product! I have MS and struggle with mental fatigue and memory issues. This supplement has improved my memory and concentration and ability to focus. I am currently back in college and it has made a huge difference in my ability to study and retain information, as well as to focus and have clear thoughts while working on assignments. It has also improved my general mood and helped with my MS fatigue. Highly recommend this product!

alberta n.

I was sceptical at first, having been on modafinil for years I needed an alternative to cycle in as the modafinil has lost its effectiveness. First day I took one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon and my focus and mood was just about perfect. It was a tad less then when the modafinil was new to me but the immediate effect was more subtle and normal feeling. Overall this product will work great as a short term or quick cycle for modafinil. 


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be the first to shop new arrivals and promotions.

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